Thursday 17 July 2014

Sioban Coppinger

Last weekend I had the pleasure of 'studio sitting' for my friend Sioban.

Aside from a big dose of 'studio envy' (and BOY is  her set up at The Muse every sculptors dream!), it was great to meet some really nice and friendly people. Its making me realise how limited I am by my set up: On the one extreme I have the dirt-floored grunge of 'the shack' and the foundry - and on the other, I have the difficulty of juggling a household with all the detritus which trails in an artist's wake, from plastery finger-prints on tables, to blobs of wax on the floor and strange chemicals sat on the draining board.

With the imminent arrival of a small Robson junior, the slightly chaotic nature of the Robson living space is going to have to change. I'm hoping that some additional space near the foundry will help. Having a house full of art is one thing, but without the space to display and preserve it, its not a lot of use.

Anyway, it was great to be able to help others explore Sioban's place of work and the wonderful and varied pieces she has on display. Please go and visit her website and have a look for yourselves:

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