Tuesday 13 September 2011

Back out in the States - a very busy month!

An empty blog for over six weeks - not good! Well, I do have an excuse (or a long list of them). One goes by the name of Allison (more on this in due course)- another is Swindon Open Studios - and the other is my latest trip out to the USA. Yes, thats right - I'm back, after only a few weeks gap.

I've just discovered that I've been given the fantastic opportunity to participate in this Year's 'Paradise Pour' - otherwise known as The Columbus/Indiana Cast Iron Invitational 2011. Its not every day you get an invite to something as cool as this. I've got to get cracking as it kicks off in a just over a week.

And if all of that wasn't enough, I've got The Bullpen pour to look forwards to (better dust of my leathers!)

I'll let you know more about all of these adventures in due course...!