Wednesday 16 March 2011

Up to The Stone Show

Spent an interesting day up at the Stone Show in London. Thanks to several kind businesses and stand holders, I now have a stack of samples to look through. There is some really gorgeous stone available out there, with such variation in texture, colour and strength. Fascinating stuff. I'm also here to have a look at the updates John's made to the site (hat tip to Mr H!). We've now got a media section for the coverage we've been getting. Fame and fortune awaits...

Sunday 13 March 2011

An interesting day at The Affordable Art Fair

I spent a very interesting day yesterday up in t'smoke visiting the Affordable Art Fair up in Battersea Park.

VERY interesting indeed. By 'affordable' the displaying artists and galleries meant that prices were £4k and below - so I guess people's interpretation of 'affordable' might have to be quite flexible (and it also begs the question as to what isn't affordable when you're the sort of type who browses these type of events looking for a new piece to display in sitting room #3). Anyway, it was very inspiring. First off, I felt far from over en-awed. It was good to see lots of cast work on display, though predictably, this was mainly bronzes. It was also interesting to see that there's very definitely a hackneyed style when it comes to form. Most were small figurines - most often depicting humans in various balletic poses - all very obviously having been taken from wax original patterns. Following close behind those were lots of animals - and yes, you've guessed it, the inevitable bronze-bloody-hares! All the bronze pieces had been patinated - most in a standard 'aged' dark brown - with a few of the remainder finished in bright blues with re-burnished elements. None of the bronzes showed much in the way of imagination as far as I could see. I guess the classical 'spindly' human/animal forms are what sell - but it was encouraging to see that all were well within the scale to which I cast, the sort of sizes within the capacity of my crucible and which would sit comfortably on a coffee table or sideboard.

The revelation of the visit though was the work of Marcus Egli. Not only is he working in aluminium and stone (like me) - but I really feel an affinity with his work.

Reading through his CV, he's also self taught, proving that the lack of a degree (with its increasingly diminished value) is no barrier to practising as a professional artist. I'd really like to meet him sometime or correspond. Watch this space - if I get a chance to chat (and he agrees) I'd love to post up an interview. Its not often I venture up into the smoke, but I shall make every effort to go and see his forthcoming exhibition up at the Woolff Gallery.

On to other news - I've bought my ticket for the Sculpture Trails jaunt this July - and have received a flattering note back from Gerry Masse, promising, fun, fire, molten metal and much fun. Subsequent postings from me better include some details of what I'm going to be doing I guess. Until next time!