Tuesday 26 October 2010

Winter is upon us

The first frosts have arrived, and therefore working in the Shack becomes a bit more... 'Shackleton' like. Although the thin insulation we glued on last year has stopped the worst excesses of the condensation, we still get the odd drip - and in really cold weather, its like being in an ice grotto, complete with stalagtites!

I've several projects which need to be got on with - Aluminium Overcast #3 (which I'm hoping will have a home over at ASI, the people who strip down old airframes - www.airsalvage.co.uk ), a piece I've entitled 'Square Pegs in Round Holes, plus I want to make some 'optical moulds' for glass blowers. I spent a fantastic weekend over with my old friends Andy and Becky Potter ( www.pottermorganglass.com ), being given a brief introduction into the art of glass blowing. I had a fantastic time - enjoyed every minute of it, and have come away feeling very inspired. If is wasn't for the fact that I'm nursing a bout of man flu, I'd be cracking on today.

I spent last weekend up at the shack starting prep work for Overcast #3 and having a general tidy up. It has to be said that the shack is *somewhat* chaotic at the best of times - but it felt good making some space and tidying things into some sort of order.

Ok - catch you all soon.