Sunday 31 January 2010

Setting up for the Beehive exhibition

It's Sunday 31st Jan (2010) and Toby and I are preparing works for exhibiting at the Beehive, a pub on Prospect Hill in Swindon.  They have wallspace that they let local artists use for exhibiting works and Toby is making good use of that :-)

All the sculptures/castings/pictures are basically ready, with just one or two needing some last minute attention with a pot of paint or a lick of wood oil before we take the long walk down to the pub (it's about 200 yards from here).

The art will be available for viewing for a month, so do drop by if you are in the area.

Pictures of the display to follow shortly.

Tuesday 5 January 2010

New year casting

We braved the sub-zero temperatures in the wilds of Wiltshire on Sunday in the name of casting.

My work on "Fist" continued apace - have roughed out the concrete base and wittled the stub on the bottom of the aluminium fist so that it will fit into a hole in the aforementioned base.  Next step will be to grind the base smooth and properly cylindrical, fit the fist, clean up the soldering on the plumbing pipes that will fit in the grasp of the fist and voila - a masterpiece :-)

Toby worked hard on an classic aluminium aeroplane which will form the basis of another majestic work of art from The International House of Robson (TM).


Saturday 2 January 2010

Welcome to the blog!

Hi folks,

Welcome to the Black & White Casting blog.

Over the coming weeks and months we'll be publishing news, info, photos and our thoughts and musings here, so please join us and follow the goings on in the casting shack!

See you soon