Monday, 11 July 2011

Hotter still!

Today there was a heat advisory - which means we're doing odd jobs and then hiding back in the shade. I know this blog is starting to look and sounds like a running commentary on the weather - but at least I'm not longer alone on this aspect - we have two new slightly wilted brits on site, the lovely Caro and Phillip.

Duties today include wax oiling a sculpture, whacking weeds (Gerry's stripped to the waist and running the 'hogger' over the main field - lets hope he doesn't burn the top of his head. Wear a hat Gerry!)

Moulds and forms are progressing well - hopefully I'll have some time to post some images later. Works range from Alisons 'interesting' Squid, Devin's form in styro foam and my 'prongs'. I believe Caro has brought some wax patterns with her - these are currently located in front of the air-con in the 'wellness' cabin. Wax things are in serious danger of melting into puddles in weather like this.

Last night saw us take a late night walk and tour into the woods to see the weird phenomenon of 'fox fire' - a brightly glowing fungus which we inadvertently spread around the clearing we had made. It was very unearthly to stand amongst the trees and see this green carpet of flourescent chippings glowing like the feint coals of a camp fire.

I'm off in a minute to go wax-oil a sculpture of Gerry's which has been partly dismantled for renovation. Yes - wax oil (or should that be oyl?) This fine British product has been established as by far the best alternative to paint for the colouring and preservation of the metalwork. (Quick pause for a moment of national pride). That said, after a trip down to WallMart last night for some essentials, its best to concede that our American cousins beat us into a cocked hat when it comes to innovation and King Capitalism. Swept along by a holiday mood, I spent $90 on such essentials as a Millar Lite hat with integral beer bottle opener (for those hot sultry nights) - and an industrial pile of pants and socks (getting through at least two pairs a day due to the heat) - Cheetos cheesy crisps, the unbiquitous Gatorade (who ought to be sponsoring this year's Sculture Trails programme, given the amount we have consumed) and a pound of chewing gum.

Right - signing off for now. I'll be back when its cooler to correct the typos and spelling mistakes and to add a few photos.


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