Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hello at last

I promised try keep a blog of my American adventures. Well the first 72 hours have seen me too jet-lagged, heat-stroked and sweaty hard crafting in 90oF (what is that in centigrade?!) heat. Internet coverage is possible here - but not in the tiny tent which I'm *trying* to sleep in (beers helps with that). I am grubby, sticky and after only three days in, almost out of clean clothes. The death on the onsite washing machine today in a flash of blue sparks has been a source of major horror!

If you want an idea of the countryside in which the Sculpture Trails park is located, have a looks at the links and the website posted previously: We're right out in the countryside - a fairly hilly landscape dominated by maple trees, little creeks and winding roads. The sculpture park is very reminiscent of the Coalbrookdale set-up (if you're non-cognoscenti, go Google!) - but on a far bigger scale - 50 acres of woodland. The sculptures themselves are spread across the site, focusing in glades and cuttings into the trees and hillside.

Gerry's folks have made us very very welcome - and each LONG (12 hour plus) working day has been rounded off with beers and fine food. On the subject of sustenance, I don't think I have ever drunk so much water in an attempt to stay cool and hydrated. Yesterday I had but a single wee, which was the colour of fluorescene. In fact, come the afternoon yesterday, I was spark out knackered and had to 'take an early bath' after being sick: this involved a three hour kip in the 'wellness cabin' - which has a bed, a bathroom and most important of all: AIRCONDITIONING.

The other artists are divided into participants (who have paid) and work/study students (like me) who are trading graft for the chance to cast later on. Quite when and where this is going to happen has yet to be discussed - though the delay will be welcome, as the frikken baggage handlers have managed, in finest slacker tradition, top ensure that the contents of my bags were shaken, stirred and utterly smashed to pieces - included the pattern for the Vulcan which I was hoping to cast. How on earth people are supposed to travel to the states for more than a weekend with a single piece of small handluggage and one piece containing bomb/earthquake/baggage handler proof contents in the hold utterly escapes me.

I shall tell you more anon (maybe even tonight if I don't polish off to many re-hydrating beers) - as my laptop battery is low and I need to go wrestle with the travel adapter!



  1. Thank you for going through your motions Toby, dioralyte may help. As for the Vulcan was it a mid air collision? Have fun.
    P.S say hello to Yogi. :)

  2. Ha! You survived the first weekend with me brilliantly!! I only made you throw up once! Now you're ready to be an excellent assistant to all the fantastic artists who are paying to have their work produced at the Trails. Enjoy the month and I'll see you all on the 21st. Best to the crew...