Thursday, 21 July 2011

breakin' iron

As I type, our artists are busy finishing molds, breaking iron, patching the furnace and doing the 101 things necessary to make an iron pour possible. And thats one of the things which makes an endeavor like this so much fun and so different from other forms of art. You can't melt and pour iron alone. It takes a team of people each with their own individual skills to come together to make it happen. It also takes trust and dedication - after all, this is molten metal we're dealing with: you HAVE to be able to trust your fellows with your life and limb.

We're gearing for a night pour - most of the action should be taking place from about 9.00pm in the evening cool. A few more of my pieces are ready - so I should (fingers crossed) be in a position to let you know how they poured tomorrow.

Other news? Well, I appear to have lost ten pounds over the last fortnight - though I'm unsure at the mo whether that was in sweat or the displacement of blood which ever bug that flies or creeps upon the earth has seen fit to drain from my body. My bites have actually started to overlap! And they said English food was bland eh? The local critters seem to be thriving on it!!!

On the subject of food, I cooked for all last night - cottage pie, which I think went down really well, although it was weird eating English winter comfort food in the sultry warmth of an Indiana summers evening.

OK - I'm off to add thgis to the Sculpture Trails Facebook account. If you're following all of this, please take the time to ask your friends to 'like' the sculpture trails FB pasge. It would be great to hit the 400 mark before the end of the month!


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