Tuesday, 13 July 2010

"Project Cage" update

This week saw significant steps being made with my latest project. 

I left off last time having all but finished the (giant) sand mould.  Here it is, completely finished and ready to pour (well, actually it was set on its side to pour, but this is near as damn it ready and it looks quite pie-like here, which I like).

Toby and I then poured the thing.  We paid extra special care to the quality of aluminium used and to the additives we introduced to the molten metal because (as always) I was after perfection.  Here is the piece fresh from the pour:

And now, with the inner sand removed, quite a lot of flashing, but it was all very flimsy stuff:

Finally, after hours of vigourous fettling, I ended up with this:

It turned out quite well methinks.  In fact, Toby was so excited, he needed a lie down:

The next step will be to smooth and polish the outer surface and then start work on the interior piece (I'm thinking a brass lost wax effort as per "Tobyesque" would look nice).

Take it easy folks!

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