Monday, 28 June 2010

Another week, no dollars!

Yesterday worked out.... 'okay' (let damn it with feint praise). The day kicked off with Bryn's white van arriving over at the shack just after us, so John and I helped him out raising up some steel steps up for mein landlords, Ma and Pa. Bryn's cunning use of tie-straps and the van had the thing hoisted into position in double quick time - though not without my mind quietly playing the Casualty theme and musing over the correct first aid treatment for crush injuries. Anyway, its up in place now -giving Mum and Dad access once again to the top of the barn (which also contains some of my junk - BUT in contradiction to my Pa's goadings, its MOSTLY my sister's!)

Then we adjourned to the house for the dreaded ball-of-the-foot. I won't dwell on the unedifying spectacle of our national team playing like a bunch of strangers - or Capello's frankly bizarre selection. I'll simply let the following photo express everything John and I felt about it ;-)

Anyway, after that I busied myself grinding off some flashing from the three plates I cast over at The Bullpen - though apart from loading the car with the brazier, thats about as far as my efforts to tick things off the to-do list got, I'm afraid. Doh. Well, in addition to the things already listed, lets actually add a few more:

1. Making up polystyrene bases for the 'sea shell' castings.
2. Start making up pattern for fish casting for Cotswold Water Park (potential commission...?)
3. Sending a link for the site over to Garden Art in Hungerford to see if they might be interested in any of our work.

John cracked on with his carved core - a very strong form - picture below. He's been remiss with his blogging of late, so I'll let him tell you about it!

Oh, John's been working on some mighty fine looking cards to help promote The Shack. More on these soon!


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