Saturday, 10 April 2010

We have been remiss...

Very few postings by either of us. Lazy aspiring artists! In summary, we've been over to the workshop several times since January. Challenges over winter have included battling with condensation dripping off the inside of the roof (solved in part with some more insulation!) - and we've also had problems with our sodium silicate not setting the sand as hard as it should - again, we suspect the dreaded moisture. We mights have to think about adressing the problem over the warmer summer months...   I've got several pieces in the making at the moment and I'm hoping to have these cast (with the evidence here!) over the next few weeks. In fact, lets start with this piece in progress - another variation of the ribs series. This one will be a lost polysterene (and will present something of a venting challenge!).  Toby.

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  1. ...And just as an additional note - John and I also need to do a shopping list: we need to buy more molding sand as well as to look at possibly getting a new crucible as the old one is now starting to show some signs of wear and tear after at least 50 meltings.